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Apostle Ollie Fobbs

Apostolic Weddings

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What is an apostolic Wedding? The Anointed comes to be the blessing over the union of the Bride and the Groom, the union is then to be blessed by God, the one sent by God is to appoint the head of the house as the communion of God which is Christ the Lord, the wedding in itself is established through Faith, being then that both parties should be of faith, which is then of love, which is then of incorruptible seed, which is then biased on the Blessings of the Holy Father, on the union

If you need me to perform a wedding for you, please let me know, thus far, I am very available, and I believe in working with the couple to ensure that cost is not an out of mind option. My preference is to do weddings in the State of North Carolina, but in other regions, there may have to be an arrangement done for me to officiate the service, I only do, godly marriages, no same sex couples, even though the laws in every State now allow such things, but God does not.

Apostle Ollie Fobbs, contact me, let me know your budget, and we will see if we can work something out.


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